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Orchid Society news and updates (4/19/2017)

Next meeting is March 7 at the Civic Garden Center. Beginners meeting starts at 6:30pm. Our main presentation starts at 7:30pm.

Take a look at our updated calendar for detailed information.

Registration for our very popular Summer Seminar is now open. Please complete and return the form ASAP. Space is limited. You can also use PayPal to register (please see below) Fred Clarke, renowned Catasetum and Cattleya hybridizer from California and Sam Tsui, renowned Paph. breeder are the speakers

Also, follow us on Cincinnati Orchid Society's Facebook. You will find lots of pictures and realtime orchid information as it occurs.

2017 July Summer Seminar
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What is The Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society about?

We help people grow, conserve, and learn about orchids. We teach the public and orchid enthusiasts how to care for and protect these beautiful plants in their homes and greenhouses. Many orchids are endangered in their native habitats, which are now under extreme pressure. Growing orchids in homes and greenhouses, besides being enjoyable, is vital for preserving the magnificent plants that can no longer survive in the wild. The Society does public presentations at various events and organization around the Greater Cincinnati area.  Contact us if you would like us to attend your event or check our calendar periodically to see what is already scheduled.  Donations are appreciated.

May 2012 native orchid field trip to Ken Mettler'sGalearis spectabalis in eastern Ohio Cyp. acuale in eastern Ohio
In the Photos
A great time was had by all at American Orchid Society Judge, Ken Mettler's.  Thanks Ken for the wonderful Sloppy Joes!  What a hearty lunch after hiking all day.  13 members attended and we saw approximately 10 types of native orchids.

We meet once a month at 7:30 pm. on the first Tuesday of the month.  We take July, August, and December off (No meetings these months).  We meet at the Civic Garden Center on Reading Road just off the Taft exit on Highway 71. Here are directions to our meetings.  Everyone is welcome!

The beginners program always allows time fore other discussions and topics of conversation during a Q&A session. Although we have not created a formal 2013 schedule please take some time to look at the detailed beginners program for 2012 to get an idea of that the program is about.   If you have not signed up to participate in the beginners program please email so that you can get on the communication list.

Want to see some beautiful Orchids?  Please look at our shows or our general photo gallery.

The Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society's educational meetings, orchid exhibits, and outreach events are free and open to the public.  Because we are a 501(C)(3) charity, gifts to the society and annual membership dues are tax-deductible.

Please help us protect and appreciate orchids by making a gift to The Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society and participating in our monthly events.  For information on donating to the society please email
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