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The Greater Cincinnati Orchid Society's Orchid Growing Resources

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Affiliate Orchid Societies

American Orchid Society
Mid America Orchid Congress We have 50 Member Societies in 16 Central US States, and 4 in Ontario Canada.

Regional Orchid Societies


  • Blue Grass Orchid Society, Lexington
  • Central Kentucky Orchid Society, Lexington
  • Kentucky Orchid Society, Louisville

Regional Orchid Growers

Online Resources

  • Orchid Mall, A Portal for World Wide Web surfing of orchid related material.
  • Orchidkarma Great explanation of lighting by a growing in Sweden.  Her blog covers the technical and then breaks it down in to practical terms on the side bar.
  • Enlightened Orchids Detailed information on different types of light and recommendations for growing with economical flourescents.
  • The Orchid House Another explanation of lighting options
  • Orchidkarma Really cool blog on a cool vivarium with an automated water system in a small space.
Identification and culture
North American Orchids

Our members in the news

  • "My original intention was to have one plant in bloom every month of the year. Now, I have eight."  Read an article written by the Civic Garden Center on their interview of our President Ron Miller.
  • A nice 2001 article featureing our own Rick and Alexa Noel in Cincinnati Magazine

Books and Magazines

  • Orchids A great publication by the American Orchids Society.
  • Orchid Digest A nice orchid publication. 4 publications per year.
  • Fragrant Orchids by Steven A. Frownie; Nice pictures and explaination items like mature size.  It has a nice set of Appendixes such as Orchids by Intensity, by Time of Fragrance, Bloom Season, Ease of Culture, Light Requirments, Nighttime Temperatures
Orchid Resources
Orchid Pictures